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health & safety

health & safety


East york stucco ltd., is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for

its employees and integrating that commitment into our everyday activities. To realize that commitment, we will implement the following Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

East York Stucco Ltd.,  is responsible for the health and safety of its
employees while they are at work and will make every effort to provide a healthy and safe work environment.
Managers and supervisors will be trained and held responsible for ensuring

• That the employees under their supervision follow this policy.
• That employees use safe work practices and receive adequate training to protect their health and safety.
• The safety of equipment and the facility at large.

All levels of management will cooperate with the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee, the Health and
Safety Representatives and employees to create a healthy and safe work environment. Cooperation will also be extended
to others such as contractors, owners, inspectors, etc.

The employees of East York Stucco Ltd., will be required to support our
health and safety policy and to cooperate with the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee, the Health and
Safety Representatives and with others exercising authority under the applicable laws.

It is the duty of each employee to report to the supervisor or manager, as soon as possible, any hazardous conditions,
injury, incident or illness related to the workplace. Also, employees must protect their own health and safety by complying
with applicable laws and by following company policies, procedures, rules and instructions as prescribed.

Working safely is required of all employees in all situations. Where possible, hazards will be eliminated. Where hazards
do exist as a function of the nature of the work, employees are required to use personal protective equipment, clothing,
devices and materials, or to take other protective measures as established by the safe work practices.

We recognize the employee's duty to identify hazards, and support and encourage employees to play an active role in
identifying hazards and to offer suggestions or ideas to improve health and safety.

To ensure this policy continues to meet our needs, We at East York Stucco Ltd.,
will ensure it is reviewed regularly at all employee levels and employees at least annually.


Yours very truly,




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